Let's Startup - Book

#Let’s STARTUP Starting Up Business & Entrepreneurship If you are a budding entrepreneur and don't know how to start, where to go, what to do, whom to ask then this book you are holding in your hand guides you about everything you would like to know about startups and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is very rewarding and every day you see successful entrepreneurs on front page of magazine cover and read about them in newspapers. You often read about startups who created something from nothing, started their business from scratch and built billion dollar empires and became unicorns. And you wondered !

Shu Thayu ? - A Movie

Manan wants to marry Dipali and with great difficulty he has convinced Dipali’s parents. Marriage has to take place briskly but before marriage Manan meets with an uncanny accident while playing with friends Neel, Viral and Chirag. Manan starts to speak one sentence repeatedly and when his friends make him consult the doctor; they find out that Manan has lost his memory of past two years as he was hit in the head. Now Manan doesn’t know Dipali, about his marriage and apart from his friends nobody else knows about this incident. Will Manan get married? Will Manan remember everything? Will his family know about this? Will Manan be able to say, What Happened?

Seahawk - TPL

Tennis premier league has a vision to get all these passionate players under one roof and give them the maximum exposure for their talent and make awareness about tennis. With the association of MSLTA and support of LEANDER PAES and other celebrities presence. We attain to reach a maximum number of viewership and have the motto to make this as one of the popular sports of our country. Our vision is to make it bigger & better every year & reach out to maximuim number of cities across India.